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Geographic Data

Official name: Liraidahen Kaupelan (Kingdom of Kaupelan)

Location: Southeast Asia, Banda Sea, between Indonesia and Australia

Area: 8,906 km²
Population: 4,055,000 inhabitants (2015)
Population Density: 455 inhabit./km²
Capital: Purikali (1,319,000)
Important Cities: Irnik, Bandajaya, Masar, Jalabara
Nationality: Kaupelanese (Tau Kaupèlan)
Languages: Kaupelanese and English (both official); Wisanyo, Haimarata, Palayanga and Terong (Kaupelanese dialects); Taumelan, Waimahui, Forti (Portuguese dialect); Kelo and Paro (Suduk dialects); Moinate, Hakereh and Atawodo.
Religion: Christianity (majority); Islam
Currency: Kaupelanese Huwa

Economy: industry (28%): consumer goods, electronic, food, shipbuilding, and refineries; bank services (8%); tourism (6%); oil (0.9%); agriculture and fishery (1.2%)
Export: 63.6% of GDP - electronics, consumer goods, ICT items, fuel, ships, vehicles, food

Import: 53.1% of GDP - components, equipments, consumer goods, raw materials, crude oil

GDP Per Capita: KAH 40 675.00 (USD 15 765.00)

Climate: tropical; average temperature: 26ºC (Jan., 27ºC, Jul., 24ºC); Rain: 1 830mm yearly
Local time: GMT +9h
Political status: Constitutional Monarchy

Head of State: HML Kira II Wasahi Sunu Wuru Kamak Purajaya (since 2009)
Head of Government: Prime Minister 
Sindi Wisnumatan (since 2013)

Government of Kaupelan

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December, 2016