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Kaupelan is
member of FICT


June, 2022 - Weak economic performance is a challenge for the new Prime Minister. Read more.

October, 2021 - Kaupelan reopens the borders for foreign visitors fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Fully vaccinated local population reached 75%.

August, 2021 - The future of FICT is uncertain. Vaccination against Covid-19 is ongoing. Read more.

May, 2021 - Kaupelan celebrates 50 years of UIEMB. Read more.

April, 2021 - Covid vaccination at slow pace and a timid recovery of economy. Read more.

November, 2020 - Amid Covid-19 outbreak, the population approval to current government decreases due to poor performance in the economy. Read more.

April, 2020 - Due to Covid-19 outbreak, the government banned all foreign travellers with limited exceptions, closed schools and limited the commerce and services in the country. Read more.

November, 2019 - Kaupelan won FICT Games 2019. Read more.

August, 2019 - The government approves e-Visa for foreign tourists. See more details.

May, 2019 - Pawi railway station inaugurated. FICT General Assembly and FICT Games. Read more.

April, 2018 - The national football team won the King's Cup, during the celebration of King's Day. Read more.

October, 2017 - Parliamentary elections confirm the majority of Party of Progress of PM Sindi Wisnumatan. Read more.

June, 2017 - The FICT Games 2017 was played in Kaupelan in the first two weeks of June.

Geographic Data

Official name: Liraidahen Kaupelan (Kingdom of Kaupelan)

Location: Southeast Asia, Banda Sea, between Indonesia and  Australia
Area: 8,906 km˛
Population: 4,188,000 inhabitants (2020)
Population Density: 455 inhabit./km˛
Capital: Purikali (1,319,000)
Languages: Kaupelanese and English (both official); Wisanyo, Haimarata, Palayanga and Terong (Kaupelanese dialects); Taumelan, Waimahui, Forti (Portuguese dialect); Kelo and Paro (Suduk dialects); Moinate, Hakerehe and Atawodo.
Religion: Christianity (majority); Islam
Currency: Kaupelanese Huwa

Climate: tropical; average temperature: 26ēC (Jan., 27ēC, Jul., 24ēC); Rain: 1 830mm yearly
Local time: GMT +9h
Political status: Constitutional Monarchy

Head of State: HML Kira II Wasahi Sunu Wuru Kamak Purajaya (since 2009)
Head of Government: Prime Minister
Lawin Peng (since 2021)


Government of Kaupelan