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October, 2017 - Parliamentary elections confirm the majority of Party of Progress of PM Sindi Wisnumatan. Read more.

June, 2017 - The FICT Games 2017 was played in Kaupelan in the first two weeks of June. Athletes of 13 FICT countries played 22 sport modalities. Voskia won the Games with 3 gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze medals. Kaupelan ranked sixth with 2 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze.

April, 2017 - The Green Line of the subway was renovated in Purikali and two new stations - Hamon and Matris - were inaugurated on the King's Day.
King Edward, king of Amargo, visited the country on April 10-11. On April 11, the Parliament rejected the end of compulsory military service. Read more.

March, 2017 - The president of KAD17, the organising committee of FICT Games 2017, Ms Yabidi Watimahi, confirmed the games for the period from June 2nd to June 18th.

December, 2016 - PM Wisnumatan visited China and Amargo. Read more.

January, 2016 - Government changes the income taxes. FICT Games 2017 being prepared. Read more.

December, 2015 - Government is studying retake the building of nuclear plant. FICT Games 2015. Read more.

September, 2015 - The country faces an economic crisis. HM King Kira II to pay a visit to Kronenburg. Read more.

November, 2014 - A violent earthquake causes more than 100 deaths in Wisanyo. Read more.

February, 2014 - King Wasahi II which abdicated in 2009 in favour of his son Kira passed away on February 22. The king was buried in Purikali on March 1 in a funeral attended by many foreign leaders, such as the king and the princess consort of Guelphia, the presidents of Adzhatia, Voskia, Harrawi and Yukland, and the king and queen of Kronenburg.

Geographic Data

Official name: Liraidahen Kaupelan (Kingdom of Kaupelan)

Location: Southeast Asia, Banda Sea, between Indonesia and  Australia
Area: 8,906 km˛
Population: 4,055,000 inhabitants (2015)
Population Density: 455 inhabit./km˛
Capital: Purikali (1,319,000)
Languages: Kaupelanese and English (both official); Wisanyo, Haimarata, Palayanga and Terong (Kaupelanese dialects); Taumelan, Waimahui, Forti (Portuguese dialect); Kelo and Paro (Suduk dialects); Moinate, Hakereh and Atawodo.
Religion: Christianity (majority); Islam
Currency: Kaupelanese Huwa

Climate: tropical; average temperature: 26ēC (Jan., 27ēC, Jul., 24ēC); Rain: 1 830mm yearly
Local time: GMT +9h
Political status: Constitutional Monarchy

Head of State: HML Kira II Wasahi Sunu Wuru Kamak Purajaya (since 2009)
Head of Government: Prime Minister 
Sindi Wisnumatan (since 2013)


Government of Kaupelan