Аџач Валтецir  Adźać Valteciŕ


Official Name: Аџач Валтециr  Adźać Valteciŕ

Kaupelanese Name: Sètet Ajatya

Location: Barent Sea
Area: 77 618 km²
Population: 668 293
Population Density: 8,6 inhab./km²
Important Cities:
Kercei, Ćŭŕdveź, Kosegińdrăt, Alidaŕ
Nationality: Adzhatian
Languages: Adzhatic (official), Russian, Tansa, Varula, Toini
Religion: Eastern Orthodox Christians
Currency: Adzhatian Peka (AZP 9.09 = EUR 1.00)

Export: chemical products, refrigerators, fish

Import: oil, technological products, vehicles, provisions, raw materials

GDP Per Capita: AZP 60 756.00 (EUR 6 683.00)

Local time: GMT +2h

Climate: average temperarature in January, -15ºC, in July, 10ºC); Rain: 750mm yearly
Political status: Democratic Republic
Head of State:
president Aŕva Bekina (since October 2010)

Head of Government: prime minister Eigĕń Hameen (since December 2011)
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Contact: Bernard Krumpelman (NL)