Prinçipat D’Arberia   Prinçipatu Arberiais


Official name: Prinçipat D’Arberia (Principality of Arberia)
Kaupelanese Name: Manikdahen Arberya
Location: Central Europe, east of France, north of Switzerland, south of Germany
Area: 3 000 km²
Population: 520 000
Population Density: 173 inhabit./km²
Capital: Calibánn (76 000)
Important Cities: Milanovi, Durnia, Neva Çivit Bajadur, Turingher, Belennos, Taranis, Tuidel
Nationality: Arberian (arberiano)
Languages: Arberian (official), Spanish, Rumeliak, Transvalian, French and German
Religion: Catholic (majority)
Currency: Euro (previous currency: Dupondio = 100 centimos)
Economy: aluminum, dairy products; chocolates; watches and manufactures; high tech industries; alcoholic beverages: cider, wine and beer (Bfendam)
GDP Per Capita: EUR 31 200.00
Political status: Cantonal Constitutional Principality
Head of State: SAS Carolus III (since 1987)
Head of Government: Prime Minister Ricardo Albentur
Airlines: Arberia Arlines
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Contact: María C. Mendoza Abad (ES)