Official Name: Republic of Aronphei

Kaupelanese Name: Ripabčlik Aronfai

Location: Arctic, north of Ellesmere island and just south of the North Pole
Area: 55 202 km˛
Population: 942 (2015)
Population Density: 0.017 inhabit./km˛
Capital: Skadihavn (901 inhabitants)

Nationality: Aronpheian
Languages: English (Official); Inupiak and Danish (minorities)
Religion: Anglican Church of Canada

Economy: oil, cryolite, IT services

Currency: Aronpheian Pound, known locally as "Pollar" 

GDP Per Capita: EUR 17 700.00

Political status: Constitutional Republic

Head of Government: President Robert Sheridan
Official website (English)

Contact: Orion (US)