Official name: Kingdom of Guelphia
Kaupelanese name: Dahe Gelfya
Location: South-west of the Pacific Ocean
Area: 67 831 kmē
Population: 3 300 000 inhab.
Population Density:  47 inhabit./kmē
Capital: Kingsbury
Important Cities: Port Frederick, Corfe Harbour, Hillsborough
Nationality: Guelphian
Languages: English
Religion: Anglican Church of Guelphia (78%)
Currency: Guelphian Pound
Economy: Agriculture (wool, cereals, dairy, fishing, timber); electronics; retail, tourism, financial services
GDP per Capita: EUR 25 500.00 (2011)
Political Status: Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Head of State: HM the King James II
Head of Government: Prime Minister Matthew Jones (since 2012)
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