Democratic Republic of Harrawi

esh'Umury Demukratyaa Harraay


Official Name: esh'Umury Demukratyaa Harraay (Democratic Republic of Harrawi)

Kaupelanese Name: Ripabčlik Demokratik Harawi

Location: East Africa, Gulf of Aden
Area: 27 890 km˛
Population: 1 004 367 (2010)
Population Density: 36 inhab./km˛
Important Cities:
Hurunn, Malaa, Erim, Neesh
Nationality: Harrawi
Languages: Harrawi (official), Arabic, English, Somali, Afar
Religion: Sunni Muslim
Currency: Harrawi Kush (HAK 46.30 = EUR 1.00)

Export: oil, gas, gold, salt, hides, beans and other commodities, technological and chemical products

Import: food, technological and chemical products

GDP Per Capita: HAK 347 320.00 (EUR 7 502.00)

Local time: GMT +3h

Climate: moderate temperatures, irregular rainfall, hot and dry
Political status: Parliamentary Republic
Head of State:
president Maamus Uryiabon (since May 2009)

Head of Government: prime minister Ashon Pary (since 2013)
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Contact: Bernard Krumpelman (NL)