Қарзанчөpлай Җумҳури 西山国共和国


Official name: Қарзанчөpлай Җумҳури, Qarzançörlay Jumhuri;  جۇمھۇرى ,قارزانچۆرلاي; 西山国共和国, Xīshānguó Gònghéguó (Republic of Kharzanistan)
Origin of the Name:
Kharzanistan means country of Kharzani in Persian. Kharzan is supposed to be from Turkic kar/qar “snow” and Old Kharzani *tsrān, “mountain”.
Location: Central Asia, bordering Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and China .
Area: 21 313 km²
Population: 1 196 860
Population Density: 56 inhabit./km²
Hoşraz (pop 572 030)
Important Cities:
Sinjunveⱬ, Moğaⱬabad, Savız Köl, Şarqraz
Nationality: Kharzani (қарзаны/qarzanı)
Kharzani (official); Mandarin (co-official); Russian; Tajik; Kyrgyz; Uzbek
Islam; Russian Orthodox Christianity; Buddhism
Currency: Kharzani Haynsum (
қарзаны ҳайнсум) (QHS 1.57 = EUR 1.00)
GDP Per Capita: QHS 170 000.00 (EUR 1 090.00)
Economy: mining (gold, uranium), 11.2%; agriculture (wheat, cotton, silk, beef, milk, wool), 29.9%; industry (textile, dairy, food), 23.2%; service (state services, commerce, foreign remittance), 35.7%.

Export: 36.0% of GDP - gold, uranium, agricultural products, dairy, textiles

Import: 38.9% of GDP - vehicles, fuel, manufactured products, food

Local time: GMT +6

Climate: cold semi-arid (BSk); average temperature: 1ºC (Jan., -12ºC, Jul., 14ºC); rain: 1,000 mm yearly
Political status:
unitary one-party socialist republic
Head of State and Government:
Chairman Sirğren Usençütiq (since 2015)

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Contact: Paulo Eduardo Padilha (BR)