Official Name: Duchy of New Courland

Origin of the Name: Derived from Europena country Courland, currently part of Latvia
Kaupelanese Name: Dukedahen Nyukurlan

Location: Caribbean, close to Trinidad & Tobago
Area: 450 kmē
Population: 173,000 inhab.
Population Density: 384 inhab./kmē
Capital:  Louise Charlotte (61,000)

Nationality: New Curonian
English (administrative); Latvian, Spanish

Religion: Anglicanism, Lutheranism, Catholic
Currency: Thaler

Export: petroleum, LNG, ethanol, steel, cereal, sugar, cocoa, coffee, citrus fruit, vegetables, fruits

Import: machinery, transportation equipments,manufactured goods, food, chemicals, live animals

GDP Per CapitaEUR 11,500

Local time: GMT -4h

Climate: Tropical, dry season, from January to June; rainy season, from July to December
Political status: Constitutional Monarchy
Head of State: Duchess Elisabeth (Queen Elisabeth II of Great Britain)

Head of Government: Luis Lavalleja (since 2006)
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Contact: Bernard Krumpelman (NL)