Fürstentum Pannonia


Official Name: Fürtentum Pannonia (Principality of Pannonia)

Kaupelanese Name: Manikdahen Panonya

Location: Central Europe, bordering Hungary, Rumania and Serbia
Area: 4 077 km²
Population: 1 558 000
Population Density: 382 inhabit./km²
Capital: Stola

Nationality: Pannonian
Languages: German (official); Romanian, Hungarian, Slovak, Roma

Economy: mining; steel industries; advanced technology (medical and military products); tourism

GDP Per Capita:  EUR  13 000

Political status: Constitutional monarchy

Head of State: princess Brigitta

Head of Government: PM Roman Tannenbaum (2015)

Official website (English)

Contact: Govert-Jan (NL)