Hoveste Fyrstendomet Tæmœ


Official name: Hoveste Fyrstendomet Tæmœ (Sovereign Principality of Taemoe)
Origin of the Name: Taemoe means "island of the time", from the Old Norse timi 'time' and oe 'island', based on a local legend.
Kaupelanese Name: Manikdahen Masahi Temo
Location: Baltic Sea, between the Swedish island of Gotland and the Estonian islands of Saaremaa and Hiumaa.
Area: 7 063 km²
Population: 79 000 (1999 est.)
Population Density: 11 inhabit./km²
Capital: Rødby (pop. 25 000 1999 est.)
Nationality: Taemuan
Languages: Taemelish (Tæemål) and Low Saxon (Nedersæssisch), both official; Estonian, German and Latvian
Currency: Taemuan Mark (Taeemark = 100 Penninge) (TM 0.428 = EUR 1.00)
Political status: Constitutional Monarchy
Head of State: Prince Sigtryg
Official n/a