E Regnu j Voschie


Official Name: E Regnu j Voschie

Kaupelanese Name: Dahe Woskya

Location: Mediterranean Sea, close to Malta
Area: n/a
Population: 474 000 inhab.
Population Density: n/a
Capital:  Cavasane (54 989)

Important Cities: Assagure (77 305), Burmena (48 814), Sicalige (32 006), Alcammai (27 875)

Nationality: Voskian
Languages: Voskian

Currency: Crisi

Export:  fruits and vegetables, wine, dairy products, clothes and textile, metals and asphalt.

Import: machinery, chemicals and alimentary products

GDP Per Capita USD 12 581

Local time: GMT +1h

Climate: Mediterranean. Average temperarature in January, 5C, in July, 25C; Rain: 750mm yearly
Political status: Parliamentary Republic
Head of State:
King Ottaviu IV (since 2004)

Head of Government: prime minister ms. Elena Merjani (since 2021)
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Contact: Bernard Krumpelman (NL)