Hoimtat Xliponia


Official name: Hoimtat Xliponia (Kingdom of Xliponia)
of the name: the Xliponian root "xlip-" came from vulgar Latin "plebeia" ("of people") from the name of the land Colonia Argentea Plebeia.
Kaupelanese name: Dahe Sèliponya
Location: Southern Europe, coast of Ionian Sea, close to Greece and Albania.
Area: 9 066 km²
Population:  309 000
Population Density: 34 inhabit./km²
Capital: Bovlai (75 000)
Important Cities: Monnalp, Vont, Ançec
Nationality: Xliponian
Languages: Xliponian (official); English
Currency:  Xlipo (Xlipo = 120 sulti ) ( XL 0.79 = EUR 1.00)
Political status: Monarchy
Head of State: HM Rudolf III
Head of Government: Prime Minister Alan Murdok DeDerrys
Airlines: Bovair
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Contact: Ronald Kyrmse (BR)