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        Watulis Kaupelan - November 23, 2019
        Kaupelan welcome its heroes
        Watulis Kaupelan - May 8, 2019

        Pawi railway station inaugurated
        Midget submarine project started
        FICT General Assembly/FICT Games 2019


        Watulis Kaupelan - April 15, 2018
        Kaupelan wins the King's Cup
        Goodbye to old train
        Stimulating electric vehicles

        Watulis Kaupelan - October 30, 2017
        After elections, Wisnumatan is likely to remain as prime minister
        Toward a cleaner environment

Watulis Kaupelan - April 12, 2017
        Parliament rejected the end of compulsory military service
        The king of Amargo visited Kaupelan


        Watulis Kaupelan - December 17, 2016
        Wisnumatan returns from China and Amargo
        Changes in the Government
        Public transportation and the FICT Games

        Watulis Kaupelan - January 19, 2016
        Parliament changes the income tax for 2016. Defence Budget
        Fishing in the Indic Ocean
        FICT Games


        Watulis Kaupelan - December 22, 2015
        The nuclear plant to be resumed?
        2015 FICT Games

        Watulis Kaupelan - September 27, 2015
        The King will visit Kronenburg
        Economy expected to retract this year
        Guelphia, a close friend
        The old church rebuilt

        Watulis Kaupelan - February 24, 2015
        The tea of the old ladies
        Kaupelan opens an embassy in Guelphia
        Cooperation to avoid earthquake casualties


        Watulis Kaupelan - November 4, 2014
        Violent earthquake causes more than 100 deaths in Wisanyo
        A land battered by earthquakes
        Kaupelan will likely remove the bid (to host FICT Games)

        Watulis Kaupelan - July 8, 2014
        Parliament increases salaries of retirees
        Could Latin alphabet replace Kiwanagar writing?
        The World Cup
        The boom of shipbuilding industry

        Watulis Kaupelan - January 31, 2014
        Government proposes a tax reduction to accelerate the nation’s development
        MKA restructured
        Foreign Policy


        Watulis Kaupelan - November 12, 2013
        The prime minister announces her staff
        The national football team returns earlier than expected
        Watera closes its plant in Yutyrama

        Watulis Kaupelan - September 28, 2013
        King Kira II and queen Saramdi visited Guelphia
        Short notes: national football team, Secretary General of FICT, Darapali

        Watulis Kaupelan - May 20, 2013
        The popularity of the prime minister decreases
        The director of FSTS

        Watulis Kaupelan - January 4, 2013
        Kaupelan agrees to discuss a solution to Tarmoryan crisis
        The Tarmoryan situation


        Watulis Kaupelan - September 21, 2012
        Parliament approves the new electoral system
        FICT- The view of the Secretary General
        Investors plan to produce electric buses in Kaupelan

        Watulis Kaupelan - April 7, 2012
        Nine billion huwas approved by the Parliament
        Watera will produce vehicles in South America
        Sunday of Easter

        Watulis Kaupelan - January 29, 2012
        The king visits Īle de Romanhe
        AIRLIN, the new airlines network


        Watulis Kaupelan - December 26, 2011
        International cooperation? Which cooperation?
        The Government statement

        Watulis Kaupelan - December 21, 2011
        Purikali will invest to stimulate the use of bikes
        Kaupelan proposes import tax exemption to FICT
        Watera launches a mini-vehicle
        Flood in the valley of Mambaki leaves hundreds homelss
        Umala shipyard delivers patrol craft to Royal Tarmoryan Navy


        Watulis Kaupelan - January 10, 2010
        Parliament passes new environmental law
        Kaupelan chairs FICTS
        The Skylink Centre – chairman Singa Raiki


        Watulis Kaupelan - January 18, 2009
        The future of the monarchy
        Tarmoryan is the new Secretary General
        The government stimulates public transportation
        New flights to Africa - Marketing Director Paul Tafotmai

        Watulis Kaupelan - March 11, 2004
        Parliament reduces Dahe’s mandate
        Watera is planning to increase off-road SUV this year
        Royal secret unveiled
        Royal Army withdraws troops from East Timor