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Watulis Kaupelan - December 17, 2016
Watulis Kaupelan - January 19, 2016
Watulis Kaupelan - December 22, 2015
Watulis Kaupelan - September 27, 2015
Watulis Kaupelan - February 24, 2015
Watulis Kaupelan - November 4, 2014
Watulis Kaupelan - July 8, 2014
Watulis Kaupelan - January 31, 2014
Watulis Kaupelan - November 12, 2013
Watulis Kaupelan - September 28, 2013
Watulis Kaupelan - May 20, 2013
Watulis Kaupelan - January 4, 2013
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Watulis Kaupelan - January 29, 2012
Watulis Kaupelan - December 26, 2011
Watulis Kaupelan - December 21, 2011
Watulis Kaupelan - January 10, 2010
Watulis Kaupelan - January 18, 2009
Watulis Kaupelan - March 11, 2004

December, 2016 - PM Wisnumatan visited China and Amargo. Read more.

January, 2016 - Government changes the income taxes. The 2017 FICT Games. Read more.

December, 2015 - Government is studying retake the building of nuclear plant. The 2015 FICT Games. Read more.

September, 2015 - Economic crisis and the visit of the King to Kronenburg. Read more.

November, 2014 - A violent earthquake causes more than 100 deaths in Wisanyo. Read more.

September, 2014 - After disagreement with minister Charles Li on financial policy, prime minister Wisnupuran decided to sack him. Professor Paul Lasahi, former minister of Puramèsar's government, was invited to replace the minister.

February, 2014 - King Wasahi II which abdicated in 2009 in favour of his son Kira passed away on February 22. The king was buried in Purikali on March 1 in a funeral attended by many foreign leaders, such as the king and the princess consort of Guelphia, the presidents of Adzhatia, Voskia, Harrawi and Yukland, and the king and queen of Kronenburg.

January, 2014 - The government prioritise the economic development and a reduction of 10% in the direct taxes is proposed to Parliament.  Kaupelan proposes a reduction of the contribution to FICT in 50%. Read more.

November, 2013 - Sindi Wisnumatan (Parti Majuwe), chosen as the new prime minister, announces  her government team. Read more. A delegation of government team and businesmen of Karstonia visits the country.

October, 2013 - The Party of Progress (Parti Majuwe) elected 12 senators to the Parliament in the legislative election. The government coalition, led by the Party of Liberty-Green of PM Aswini Ruikawahi loose the majority and will count on the support of the Islamic Republican Party to keep ms. Ruikawahi as head of government. See the results

September, 2013 - Aryanto Nuhusedim, the Kaupelanese ambassador to FICT, is the fifth Secretary General of the organisation, with Pēneupē Vavauzīc from Voskia as Vice Secretary. Opposition parties urge the government to request a reduction in FICT contribution, in order to balance the government budget. The king Kira II visits Guelphia, to narrow diplomatic and trade relations. Read more.

May, 2013 - The Annual General Assembly of FICT was held in Aśtinok, Adzhatia, on May 4th. During the summit, the Kingdom of Guelphia was admitted as the eighth member. Despite the vote of Kaupelan against the proposal, it was decided to suppress FSCH - the FICT Secretariat for Cultural Heritage. The Assembly postponed the decision about a Kaupelanese proposal on the functioning of FESD - The Fund for Economic and Social Development. The locations and directors of the remaining secretariats were decided by the assembly. Ramiru Sendereh, former minister of Culture and Sports, was appointed director of FSTS - FICT Secretariat of Tourism and Sports. Read more.

April, 2013 - The opposition got the approval for its proposal of reduction of taxes for private vehicles (to 20% for imported vehicles and to 11% to locally produced ones) in the Haimauman, imposing a significant defeat to the government coalition (PMR-PH).