iggsrkje Jœkklnds
  Republic of Yukland
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Economic Data

Currency: Yuklandic Mark (JKM) - Jœkklnzk Mœrc (plural, Markir), subdivided in 100 ǽrir

Exchange Rate: JKM 9.47 = EUR 1.00

Economy: agriculture (cattle, sheep, potato) and fishery (salmon, cod) - 7%; industry - fish, chemical, wind and hydro power generators, machinery, shipbuiding and information technology - 31%; banking and other services - 62%.

GDP:  EUR 7.8 billions

GDP per capita:     EUR 21 600.00

Export: 43.3% of GDP - machinery, fish, chemical products, generators, IT, ships

Import: 27.5% of GDP - electronics, manufactured goods, components, food, vehicle, fuel

Major Partners: EU, USA, Canad, Eastern Europe, China, Japan, Adzhatia

Labor Force: 180 900 workers (50.1% of population). Agriculture and fishery (6%); industry (21%) and services (73%).

Electricity Generation: 546 MW installed. Production of 2 173 GWh (59.8% Hydro, 20.3% Wind and 19.9% Fossil)

Major Companies: ormn Skiptiggbank (bank); Frǽja Fiskar (fishery); JAV Jœkklsk Atferverc (power generators); Jkklnzk Loftvegjar (airlines); Norstl (machinery and tractors); soriggi (medical systems) Friricssœn (IT); Vikiggjarne (shipyard); Manisljœs Sjokolate (food); SVESYS Sveggri Systmar (N&V test systems and transducers); œr Grœnor G (fine watches); Undrvattec (Sonar, fishery and underwater technology); Ǽsir (sport technology).