iggsrkje Jœkklnds
  Republic of Yukland
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Located exactly on the meridian of Greenwich, between Norway and Iceland, 300 km south of the Arctic Circle, the country is a harsh land, battered by strong winds and snow storms. But its people, descendant of Vikings, worked hard to build a rich and socially equalitarian nation. Nowadays, the country is one of the global leaders in the usage of wind energy to generate electricity



Official name: iggsrkje Jœkklnds (Republic of Yukland)
Origin of the Name: the name of the country means "land of glaciers", originated from Old Norse words
jǫkull "glacier" and land "land".
Area: 13 049 km
Population: 382 767 (2020)
Population Density: 29 inhabit./km
Capital: sor (35 500)
Important Cities: Vtgar (72 300), Fjallmnaor (63 300), Grœnfjœror (55 600), Norhm (50 500), Njebrjeggor (34 200)
Nationality: Yuklandic (Jœkklndiggi)
Languages: Yuklandic (Jœkklskml), official; Danish
Religion: Lutheran (majority), Catholic
Local time: West European Time (GMT)

Climate: cold oceanic; average temperature: 4C (Jan., 0C, Jul., 9C);  rain: 1 084mm yearly

Highest Mountain: Gusfiggfjall (2 198 m)

Longest Rivers: Refsflo, Vtfjallsflo

Internet code: .jk
International Organizations: UN, FICT

Universities: Southern University at Vtgar (SLHV, Sulnzk Hskœle i Vtgari), 9,300 students, and National University at sor (H, jœlec Hskœle i sori), 5,100 students

Newspapers: Daclec Tindjar (sor), Vtgarsk Dacsblae (Vtgar), Tmjarne Fjallmnaors (Fjallmnaor)

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