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The Kaupelanese Football Association (Sehate Futbol Kaupèlan) was founded in 1961 and was affiliated to FIFA in 1963.

- The first division is composed of 18 teams;
- The second division is composed of 10 teams.

The main football stadiums are : Watera, in Purikali (75,000 places); Fernao Hafanut, in Irnik (40,000); Abdullah Umayunti, in Bandajaya (25,000); Wuro Samal, in Jalabara (20,000); Lirai Wasahi I, in Masar (20,000); Adi Lemos, in Sanantonyo (10,000); Laham Tanafari, in Palimaata (10,000) and Sunu Ira, in Misuwai (10,000).


Kaupelanese League – the 1st Division double round-robin championship is played from February to May. The first four teams play in the U-Cup. The last two go to the 2nd Division in the next year.
Makuwa League – the 2nd Division double round-robin championship is played from March to May. The winner and the runner-up move to the
1st Division in the next year.
Regional Leagues
4 championships (double round-robin): Central (Purikali-Masar, 8 teams), Northern (Kiwangar, 6 teams), Southwestern (Irnik-Wisanyo, 8) and Southeastern (Nilau-Terong, 6), played from September to December.
Kaupelanese Cup – Championship of 4 groups (double round-robin) and knockout phases with the 28 teams (1st and 2nd Division), played from June to August. The winner and the runner-up play the next  B-League.
Bandanese League – Double round-robin championship with 6 teams, played from October to December. Champion plays the qualifying phase of AFC Champions League.
Union Cup – Championship of 4 groups with 16 GFN teams, played in August.
AFC Champions League – Championship of Asian teams. Champion of the B-League participates in the qualifying stage, played from February to May.


The SERAK (Sehate Rakbi Kaupelan) or Kaupelanese Rugby Association is responsible by the sport that is also very popular in the country. In 2015, the national team got the 50th position in the world's rank. The good performance continued in 2016 with the national team getting the 2nd place among 16 teams in a tournament played in Voskia.

Olympic Games

The National Olympic Committee (Komiti Olimpik Tana) organises and supports all the Olympic activities, including the participation of Kaupelanese athletes at the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo. The country conquered two medals in the Olympic Games, bronze in boxing (light flyweight) in 1976 with "Fred" Waga Sarsala (1952-2018) and bronze in boxing (flyweight) in 1988 with Ngaru Kawisitra. Kaupelan also participates in the FICT Games and hosted the FICT Games 2017.


Martial Arts

The Martial arts, like taekwondo, judo, karate and boxing, are popular as well. Capoeira is gaining importance in the country due to its similarity with wansang keke ("foot fighting"), a modality of wansang. Capoeira was introduced by the end of the 90s by a Brazilian player, master Mutuca, who created the first capoeira group in the country, the Ngadya Kapwera Berimbau Kaupèlan (Group of Capoeira Berimbau Kaupelan).

Wansang is an ancient martial art developed in Kaupelan under the influence of pencak silat and tjakalele of Indonesia and afétu, the foot fight of Timor. It has 3 modalities, wansang keke ("foot fighting"), wansang sili ("machete fighting") and wansang kiru ("stick fighting"). Grade is indicated by the colour of headdress, white, blue, orange, purple, grey and red. The highest level - wansang ni puk - is indicated by a black and golden headdress.

Other Sports

Other important sports are badminton, male field hockey, female volleyball, male rugby, female field hockey, athletics, male volleyball, female basketball and swimming,sailing, canoeing, cycling, table tennis, triathlon .